Cloud Migration

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Over the weekend, SACU successfully migrated to a new Cloud Infrastructure. This will allow our tools and services to scale more effectively as we continue to freely help hundreds of thousands of young people from across the UK and abroad to find future career and study opportunities that are right for them. Although this work involved a whole host of …

Good luck!

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Good luck to all those getting results tomorrow! Hopefully you’ll all get what you need to progress with your education or career journey, but should you still be wondering what you could do with your A levels – check out our free A Level Match tool: This handy little tool lets you see what others in your situation have …

Clearing tips

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These are my top tips to get you through the next 24 hours: 1) Have a back up planBefore you get your results tomorrow, take some time to think through what you’ll do, if things don’t go as you hope. Before you get your results tomorrow, take some time to think through what you’ll do, if things don’t go as …

Cloud Upgrade – Friday 16 August 2019

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To do this smoothly, we will need to go offline for a time to enable us to carry out these planned upgrades. We understand that this is occurring the day after A level Results are released and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. As we are also changing our cloud environment, a DNS change is required. This can take …

When is an Unconditional offer not Unconditional?

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At SACU we were curious to find out a little more about the recent increase in the number of Unconditional offers made to young people in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. SACU has been made aware of admission practices that involve the following: An 18 year old student applies to a university on-time, while still taking their A-Levels or equivalent …

New Feature – Parent Share

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Students using our Career Cloud tools can now, quickly and easily, share the progress of their research into careers, degrees and apprenticeships with their parents, guardians, teachers, career advisors and trusted friends…it’s just one click away! Parents can see at a glance the careers of interest to their son or daughter. This fully interactive career cloud can help parents find …

New Salary data – Longitudinal Education Outcomes

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SACU is pleased to announce that all our free Career Cloud tools enable Students to see average earnings data from the Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) They are completely free for students, parents , teachers, advisors…well everyone really!