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Parent Share

Students using our Career Cloud tools can now, quickly and easily, share the progress of their research into careers, degrees and apprenticeships with their parents, guardians, teachers, career advisors and trusted friends…it’s just one click away!

SACU Parent Share

Career Cloud

Parents can see at a glance the careers of interest to their son or daughter. This fully interactive career cloud can help parents find out more about the career opportunities available…

Drilldown information

  • Career Profiles
  • Labour Market Information
  • Job Vacancies

Degree Cloud

Parents can quickly see the degree subjects that will help their child into their chosen career. Each degree subject is clickable and will lead to a wealth of information for each course in the UK…

Drilldown information

  • Over 35,000 HE courses
  • Entry Requirements
  • Typical Salaries by course
  • Links to UCAS and Uni websites

SACU Parent Share
SACU Parent Share

Apprenticeship Cloud

Finding the right Apprenticeship for your child has never been easier. Each of the Apprenticeship suggestions is fully clickable and makes searching and researching fun!

Drilldown information

  • Types of apprenticeships
  • Levels of apprenticeship
  • Apply for apprenticeship
Immediate access to the very latest Labour Market Information!

Just one email away…

Your son or daughter simply needs to choose to share their progress report from within their SACU research zone…it’s really that simple…

Parent Share