Student Experience

Understanding customer demand has enabled us to improve the way we work. Gathering real intelligence from customer contact has allowed us to shape our course offering and remove students’ day to day frustrationsKristine Murray - Marketing, Digital Media & Admissions Manager

Measure what matters

Easily capture what’s making your students confused, sad, angry or even what’s making them happy 🙂

Understand your students’ mood

  • What processes cause most confusion
  • How does happiness vary by student group
  • How does student mood vary throughout the year
  • Quickly identify the root causes



Colleges & universities have used the student experience service to help them understand why their students are contacting them – across all campuses and student services

Voice of the student

  • Real-time intelligence – prevent small issues escalating
  • Student’s own voice
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Prove that you’re listening

Spot what’s important

Enabling you to focus on what matters to your students, to ensure key issue are dealt with effectively

Report what matters

  • Benchmark your current perfomance
  • Highlights new issues
  • Avoid chasing the wrong stuff
  • Benefits realisation


At a glance intelligence

The Director’s Cut will give your senior managers an immediate insight into your students – no hiding place for poor service delivery

Evidence based decisions

  • Designed for business decision makers
  • No waiting for reports
  • Make decisions based on real customer need
  • Measure business decisions against your benchmarks

Focusing on what matters to your students has never been easier.
Some of the places we were up and running within a week…

It really works – just ask Blackpool and the Fylde College

The challenges facing B&FC

Having teams in different locations

Our Student Experience tool allows you to capture student wherever it occurs. Remove intelligence blind spots that could negatively impact your NSS scores

  • Student Services
  • Welfare Support
  • Student Accomodation
  • Student Union
  • Courses Helpline

Management wanted facts not anecdotes

Always having the latest information on students allowed B&FC to put their students’ at the heart of decision making

  • Eliminate processes that frustrate your customers
  • Increase existing students’ satisfaction within our college
  • Help shape course offering based on actual demand

Difficult to make IT changes

Like most colleges and universities making changes to IT is difficult…have you tried commissioning a CRM solution?!?

Our solution won’t get in the way of you doing your job

  • Nothing to install
  • 100% Secure
  • No IT build or integration
  • Blackpool were up and running within a week

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Focus on what matters to your students

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Empowering your frontline staff

Real feedback in real-time

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See how different groups of students view you

Voice of your students, from across your university

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