University Apply

Make your UCAS applications great!

Great online tools that help students make a great UCAS application

The University Application package provides students and teachers with the tools needed to engage successfully with the UCAS Personal Statement and UCAS Reference.

Personal Statement Checker
This online tool allows your students to check their draft personal statements for a host of potential issues and reports back on items including:
  • clichés
  • overuse of intensifier words
  • American spelling errors
  • repetition
  • paragraph structure
This is a great way for students to quickly check statements for common errors and only send to UCAS statements that have been through an editing process.
ABC Checker
This new feature of the Personal Statement Checker, allows students to highlight areas within their statement that show they’ve included information on their:
  • Activities
  • Benefits / Skills
  • Course related
This quick activity lets students easily understand if their statement needs more work in a specific area and helps them edit more effectively.

Plagiarism Detection
Ensure none of your students mistakenly or purposely plagiarise their personal statement – either by using online personal statement material or copying from their peers – by running their statements through our Personal Statement Checker.
All statements will be checked against multiple online sources of personal statements and our SACU personal statement database.  You’ll see a complete transcript of any potential plagiarism concerns.
Brought to you by the ex-Head of IT innovation at UCAS, the man who commissioned the original UCAS Copycatch service.
Student Progress Monitoring
Check on the progress of all your students personal statements work easily and simply with our monitor tools.
Each students statement can be viewed alongside all the analysis they received when checking it themselves.
Each students plagiarism score and accompanying transcript can be viewed from within the monitor.

Speed up the process of writing & checking UCAS References

Part of the University Apply package is a tool designed just for teachers – especially those checking lots of references!

Paste in a reference

A complete reference or subject teacher reference is fine


Analyse the reference

Take a look at the transcripts and guidance


Choose some variables to check

The tool will flag up both issues that are found and those that are missing


Check as many times as needed

There is no limit to the licence – as many teachers and checks as you like