Career Cloud

The Complete Careers Package for your school or college


The Career Cloud package provides students with all the tools they’ll need to research all their possible future options.

Student Career Quiz
The Spartan Test – named after Cheltenham Spa Town – is incredibly easy to use. It doesn’t take training to get started and you don’t need to have begun planning your future yet. All you need to do is choose a picture.
You select images again and again, making quick instinctive decisions on which image (if any) best represents you. All the complicated scoring, algorithms and databases that drive this visual quiz are behind the scenes.
The Spartan Test can be used with students from all year groups and can be taken again and again.
Interactive Career Clouds
Completion of the Spartan Test provides students with personalised clouds of their:
  • degree subjects
  • careers
  • apprenticeships
Clicking on any course, career or apprenticeship takes you into our explore tools where you can find out a whole host of useful information on entry requirements, where you can study, job roles, progression opportunities, salary information and much much more

Student Research Zone
Each student gets their own area to keep a record of the research activities they’ve been involved in.
They can bookmark courses, apprenticeships and careers, check back on their personalised clouds, make notes and compare their shortlisted courses.

School wide reporting

Career Cloud has simple to use reporting tools that can be accessed by teachers, advisers and careers professionals to help you meet your Ofsted requirements

Attitude to university

See the desire for higher education from your students perspective


When are students researching their future

Embed careers research through each year group


Attitude to apprenticeships

Do your students want to do an apprenticeship? Now you’ll know.


See popular research areas

Help tailor careers efforts in your school to the interests of your students