Good luck!

Steven News

Good luck to all those getting results tomorrow!

Hopefully you’ll all get what you need to progress with your education or career journey, but should you still be wondering what you could do with your A levels – check out our free A Level Match tool:

This handy little tool lets you see what others in your situation have gone on to study at degree level – and may give you some ideas. If you decide on a different course, then don’t forget to do your research. Here’s a few things to think about as you reseach:

What’s the uni like?

  • How far is it from home? What are the facilities like – sports / labs / libraries / clubs?
  • Would you prefer a campus or not?
  • What is the reputation / position in the league tables?

Is the course right for you?

  • What are the optional modules you can take?
  • Are there study abroad options?
  • What careers does it lead to?
  • What is the teaching standard?

Good luck from SACU!