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Getting results at any time is stressful

Getting them in the middle of a pandemic, when you’ve missed the the last half of your final year and you’ve no real idea what you might be getting, is just plain awful. But try not to panic. The more you can mentally prepare yourself and think through your options, the calmer you will be.
First things first – if you don’t need these results for university or to start an apprenticeship or an immediate job offer, then you’ll have time to process what you receive, get mad about it if necessary and launch all the appeals you like. If this is you, then relax. You have time and things will eventually be resolved.

However, if you need these grades to get into university, then you can’t relax yet!

These are my top tips to get you through the next 24 hours:

1) Have a back up plan

Before you get your results tomorrow, take some time to think through what you’ll do, if things don’t go as you hope.

  • Have a look at the UCAS Clearing list of available courses and see if there are some you would be interested in and what points they are asking for.
  • Take a look at their course pages and make a list of a few you could call if it becomes necessary

2) Check your grades against your choices

When you get your grades – if they are good enough for your firm or insurance choice – then you can relax.

  • Check your UCAS Track to ensure everything has been confirmed
  • Go and celebrate in a socially distanced way!

3) Make some calls

If your grades are lower than your firm or insurance choice has asked for, it’s time to get to work!

Personally call your university firm and insurance choices

  • be positive, persuasive and determined
  • explain why you really want to study with them on that course
  • don’t be afraid to call back later in the day if unsuccessful at first – the vacancy availability is a shifting landscape
  • be open to joint honours degrees that often need lower points

If you don’t get what you want from either your Firm or Insurance choices, then start calling your back up course choices – using all the advice above.

4) Finally, try and keep a healthy perspective.

Remember that you are young – and lots and lots of life opportunities are ahead of you.

If things don’t work out this year, that just gives you a chance to step back, make different choices and try again.

Or try the same thing again after a year of getting other experiences. Or start your own business, travel, volunteer somewhere, look for work or an apprenticeship, retake qualifications or just ignore it all for a while!

Good Luck!

From everyone at SACU, we wish you the best, for a bright future.