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What is the HELP Quiz?

A free image based quiz that helps young people discover career options and understand their personal work preferences. It was created collaboratively between Livery HELP and SACU.

How to use the Career HELP quiz



What do the clouds mean?

They show careers that best fit your preferences based on the images you chose. They are all clickable and will show you:

– degree & Apprenticeships routes into that career
– links to websites showing what the job will actually be like
– salary and employment data

Don’t forget to use the filters below the clouds to explore all your options

What does the radar diagram mean?

Your personal preferences for future work have been scored across a number of variables such as how creative or analytical you are or whether you would prefer to work outdoors or indoors. These scores are shown on your personalised radar. 

Each time you do the quiz it will produce a new radar and new clouds based on your answers


An easy way to compare with your friends

There are 16 possible profile areas you could end up in. Using insects gives you an easy way to share your results with your friends. Maybe find out what bug your teacher is!

Whether you are a Happy Honeybee or a Studious Snail, the real purpose is to help you identify the jobs that match your personalised profile.

You’ll also be told other close matches you might want to check out for yourself.

Students from over 2500 schools in the UK have already used the SACU tools to explore their future



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