Pre-Applicant Data Overview

SACU gathers the most comprehensive data set of pre-applicants research activities. With the free innovative tools we offer to students we can pinpoint exactly what will be most useful for them to receive and who you should be targeting with interesting and pertinent messages.

We initially collect the following data at registration: 

  • Student name and email
  • School name / organisation
  • Study Year
  • Subjects being studied – 4 fields
  • Qualification studying towards
  • Attitude towards attending university
  • Whether they are the first in their family to go to university
  • Attitude towards applying for an apprenticeship
  • Preferred future study regions – 12 possible UK regions
  • UK residential status and Postcode

After completion of our Spartan Test our database then includes: 

  • Top ten personalised lists of courses & careers
  • Complete list of suggested subjects and all subjects viewed by the student
  • Complete list of suggested careers and all careers viewed by the student

As the student continues their research journey we add to the database:

  • Student’s shortlist of courses
  • Students list of potential UCAS choices
  • Completion of research activities including:
    • whether they have registered for UCAS Apply
    • whether they have started drafting a personal statement

We firmly believe that having highly filterable data gives your university the best chance of targeting students that would be interested in hearing from you. No one likes to be spammed – we always recommend matching your requirements with those on our database who would welcome your approach. 


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