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Our SACU Course Explore tool is an alternative approach to your usual ‘Enter a Keyword’ search – yawn. If you don’t know the keywords then how are you supposed to know what courses are available?

  • The SACU Course Cloud shows you all the subject areas with popular subjects large in the centre – no learning, simple browse the cloud and click on what you like the look of.
  • Select a cloud from the subject area screen.
  • Tune the cloud with our free text filter.
  • The powerful search result page allows you to sort / filter / group your results in anyway you choose – we didn’t want to second guess what was important to you.
  • We want to take you where you’ll find the best source of information…straight to the University or College website – we link directly to each individual course page.
  • Most of all, we want to open your eyes to the variety of subjects available…have fun!

New Features – version 2.1

  • Free registration to enable features some other website can only dream of 😉
  • Bookmark your shortlist of courses
  • Rate each of your courses and see how this compares with other people’s views
  • Keep all your research notes in one place – pros / cons / offers
  • Ask the Head of Course a question…
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