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The Spartan Test is incredibly easy to use. You need no prior knowledge. You don’t need to have started planning your future yet. All you need to do is choose a picture.

You select 1 image from a possible 4. You do this with different images a total of 48 times. That’s it. All you need to do is make a quick instinctive decision on which image (if any) best represents you. Don’t take too long and don’t analyse too deeply on possible hidden meanings!

If you don’t like any image, don’t choose one – use the ‘none of the above’ button below the images.

All the complicated scoring, algorithms and databases that drive this visual quiz are behind the scenes.

This morning I did the Spartan test with one of our profoundly autistic, highly academic but non-verbal students and the results were great. He understood how to answer the test and it produced a cloud of results that I certainly wouldn’t ever have come up with but will give him hours of research material as he thinks about university or apprenticeships. Amazing!

Learning Mentor, 6th Form College


Thousands of students, teachers, careers advisers, university outreach officers and national experts in personality profiling have used our free Spartan Test. The word cloud to the left shows schools throughout the UK whose students have used the Spartan Test. We’ve had students who are studying GCSE’s, A levels, International Baccalaureates, Scottish Highers and many more take the Spartan Test. If you haven’t done it yet, take the Spartan Test today and explore your possible future.

It is not only the most accurate test I have used, and a few other staff have said the same, but the amount and diversity of information that you can then delve into is brilliant!

Teacher - School in Bristol


The Spartan Test is free because we wanted it to be. SACU firmly believes that free access to key information on the reality of future study and career choice is vital. Most students have no idea of the breadth of opportunity out there and our Spartan tool shows this. We hope schools and colleges across the country will promote this free service to their students – and if they want to help their students further, we do offer them a Spartan School tool – at a very good price!

We recently came across the SACU site and were very impressed by the tools you have created.

Careers Adviser - Lancashire

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