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LMI for All is providing access to real-time labour market data on a pilot basis from the beginning of January to the end of March 2016. We have now built this into our Free Labour Market Explore tool and it would be great to get your feedback.

What data will you be making available?

We are providing access to counts of UK online job postings, classified by occupation (standard occupational classification) and location (UK nation and English regions).

The charts relate to job postings made in the previous 4 years and the data will be updated on a rolling basis each day to ensure currency.

Why are you providing access to this dataset?

Real-time job postings have enormous potential in the field of labour market intelligence, as an ever-increasing proportion of job openings are posted on the internet. We want to test the benefits of widening access to this kind of analysis, particularly in the context of careers decision making.

LMIforAll believe that we can achieve a significant “public good” by making the data widely and freely available, particularly since there are currently no official statistics available on the occupational profile of vacancies.

LMIforAll will use the learning from their pilot to determine whether to roll-out real-time data via LMI for All on an ongoing basis.

Why is this dataset useful?

When making a choice about the right career path for them, it’s helpful for an individual to get an impression of the number of opportunities that are currently available for a job or jobs that they are interested in. Is there demand for people who are qualified to do the job? Quite often the individual is focused on a particular geographic area. They may want to know whether they can pursue a particular career in their local area and whether there are sufficient opportunities for them to do so.

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